Silicone molds

Silicone molds

Silicone molds are ideal for making soaps, candles and figurines from gypsum. If you do not know how to make handmade soap or candles that will surprise your friends, try using our products.

Our molds for candles, soaps, gypsum are made of durable and flexible material, they are longevous and easy to use. They can be exposed to high and low temperatures. You can put the moulds in the oven or refrigerator, it does not affect their quality - they do not crack and do not deform.

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Possible ways of using silicone molds.

Silicone molds do not cause allergy, do not contain harmful toxins and chemicals. They can be used to make baby soap and other cosmetic products. They serve not only to make soap and candles. It is difficult to list all possible ways of using them. Here are some of them:


Silicone molds for soapmaking.


They can be used by both experienced and novice soapmakers. Surprise your family and friends with original soap made in our moulds! Increase your sales through unique forms of soap! Remember also that the thematic soap (for example, Christmas, Easter, etc.) will have a great success.


Making candles


Our 3D molds have additional incisions with a special groove, which allows individual parts to lie flat to each other and at the same time makes it easy to extract a candle and insert a wick. It should be added that the preparation of the mold for candle making does not take much time. Working with the silicone mold does not require additional lubrication - your candle can be easily removed from the silicone mold. 


Silicone molds for gypsum (plaster)


When pouring gypsum into our molds, you will get the product with sharp detail and high-quality relief. And since the mold is made of soft silicone, you can start extracting the finished product from the mold, without waiting for the full hardening of the gypsum.


Silicone molds for resin and plastic


It is often asked whether silicone molds can be used to create products made of epoxy resin or bicomponent plastic. Does resin or plastic stick to molds? The answer is: nothing will stick and everything will be fine, because such molds are well proven when working with resins and plastics of various types! It must, however, be borne in mind, that some types of epoxy resins emit large amounts of heat upon solidification, they can heat up to 300 degrees Celsius or more, which can damage the mold.


Silicone molds in beekeeping


If you have an apiary, then high-quality silicone molds is what you just need. The selling of professionally made candles from natural beeswax often brings a large income to the beekeeper, not less than selling honey! Thanks to our molds you can make many interesting and beautiful candles from beeswax. In addition, that such a gift will surprise and make happy your friends, it is quite possible that this will turn into your new own candle business.


Silicone molds in the art of cooking


Thanks to the molds made of food-grade silicone (platinum-based silicone), you can make original and edible decorations for a cake - for example a figure of a birthday boy, or newlyweds, or an angel, or the cartoon character.

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