Discounts and bonuses

Discounts and promotions are available in our store.


Reward points

Reward points are points that are awarded for certain actions.

They can be spent when placing an order, reducing its cost.

You can pay up to 50% of the order cost with reward points.

Field for entering the Reward points are on the checkout page and displayed only for authorized users.


Discount from the order amount.

The discount is awarded in reward points for all paid orders after the order has been sent to you. The number of reward reward is calculated depending on the goods you ordered. On average, the return amount is 5%.


Discount for product review

We would appreciate your feedback on the products purchased from us. Reviews will help us understand whether all is well with our goods, and buyers will be easier to decide on the purchase of goods.

For the time spent writing a review you will receive 10 points. Points will be awarded after checking the review.


Discount from order amount

Depending on the overall cost of the items in the cart discount amount varies from 4 to 12%. Discount does not apply to goods that are subject to a different discount.



If you have a discount coupon in our store, then you can use it when placing an order. In order to activate the coupon, you need to enter its code in the appropriate field when placing an order and press the "Apply" button. You can only use one coupon at a time.



In our store there are several types of promotions for goods.

1, Automatic discount - every day for one random item there is a 10% discount. The discount is valid for 8 days.

2, Discounts for various holidays.

3, Sets of products (Bundles) at a discount. Some items are included in bundles that can be purchased at a discount. The bundles are displayed on the product description page and on the page that lists all the bundles.