Delivery Information

International Shipping

The actual method and shipping costs for your country you can find in the basket.

Shipping cost is calculated according to the weight and the country of the recipient.

International customers are responsible for all import/customs/local tax fees that may be incurred upon receipt of your package.


Average delivery time and shipping methods:


Courier service.

Shipping within the European Union

2-7 days


Express  Shipping


3-15 days


Postal delivery

Shipping worldwide

5-30 days

Parcels are sent from Europe (Poland).

Polish Post (Poczta Polska) - delivery is carried out in all countries, all parcels are sent with a note priority and track code. The maximum weight of one parcel is 2 kilograms.

Estimated delivery times are shown in the table below:

Attention! Track numbers of the Polish Post are not tracked in the following countries:




In these countries, where the track number of regular Polish Post is not tracked, we send parcels by GLOBAL Expres.


GLOBAL Expres - delivery by this method can be carried out in some countries, the list of available countries and the delivery time is given in the table:

This kind of delivery is faster than the first one and is often cheaper when a weight is 1 to 2 kilograms.

The maximum weight of one parcel is 2 kilograms.

When ordering, weighing more than 2 kilos, the order will be sent in several parcels.

Since the weight of the package and the bundling of a large order is difficult to be automatically calculated, the store reserves the right to change the delivery method for a similar by delivery time and tracking capability, or for faster delivery (no additional charge will be taken).


For example:

1) The order in the shopping cart of the buyer from Germany weighs 1.95 kilograms.

The buyer has chosen the delivery method GLOBAL Expres.

When packing the order, the weight of the parcel taking into account the packaging material became 2.1 kg. The cost of delivery will increase, with no additional charge from the buyer.

The parcel will be split into two packages (approximately 1.9 kg and 0.2 kg).

The package of 1.9 kg will be sent by GLOBAL Expres, and the package of 0.2 kg - by Polish Post. The delivery time for the parcels is the same.


In a similar situation, to the buyer from the US we will sent both packages by GLOBAL Expres, since the track number of regular Polish Post in the US is not tracked.


2) The buyer from England made an order weighing 0.9 kg and chose the method of delivery by Polish Post.

The final weight of the package, taking into account the packaging, was more than 1 kg. The cost of delivery will increase, with no additional charge from the buyer.

The parcel will be sent by GLOBAL Expres, since with a package weight of more than 1 kg GLOBAL Expres is cheaper than regular mail and faster.


Tracking a parcel


After sending your order, you will be sent a message to the email you specified when registering, which will contain the tracking number of the package.

Also, you can find this information in your account by viewing the order history.


While your parcel is on the territory of Poland, the most accurate way is to track it on the website of the Polish Post


At the international order, after the parcel left Poland, you can track its movement on the site of your post (for USA it is USPS), or use a special international service for tracking parcels, for example:


Please track from time to time the movement of your parcel, very often the courier delivers a parcel when no one is home, or a notice of the parcel is not delivered.


If you think that the parcel is going too long, write to us by replying to the letter you have got with your order.