Storage and care of silicone molds


Our molds do not require special care. However you should follow some basic rules. It’s better to store your molds away from direct sunlight without double stacking. If needed you can wash the mold with warm water and soap or dishwashing liquid then remove the water with a paper towel. We do not recommend to wash your silicone molds often as silicone does not love water. Usually our molds do not require cleaning as long as you use right sorts of wax, soap or resin.


Just in case: working temperature for manuart molds is -50 °C …+250 °C (-58°F … 482°F)



Here are a some important to check for those who makes candles:


1. Wax material. What kind of wax do you use? Is it suitable for candles that are made in molds? Is it suitable for standing (pillar) candles? You should read the description of your wax or ask seller/manufacturer.


2. Temperature. What is the temperature of the wax when pouring it into the mold? Is it too low of too high? You should follow the recommended temperature for your sort of wax. The temperature in your room is also important since it may affect the wax. Please note that stripes on a candle usually indicate that temperature was too low, and dots indicate that a temperature was too high. Also it is extremely important for the candle to cool naturally. Try not to put it in the refrigerator for faster cooling, it may ruin your work.


3. Dyes and aromas. Please make sure you’ve read the instructions for the dye or scent carefully. Some dyes are incompatible with some types of wax, or they require a different temperature or whatever. When adding the scent oil make sure you use the right amount. If you add too much you candle might be covered with droplets.


4. What else? Please do not take out your candle until it gets completely solid. Your mold might be colored inside If you use black or other highly saturated dye. This color will be transmitted to the next candles. To avoid this we suggest you to have different molds for dark and light colors. Anyway you will be able to remove remaining coloring by making 2 to 5 uncoloured wax fillings, you can use your old wax without a wick, it will take the color from the mold.



Some of our customers are making beautiful resin figures using our molds. If you are one of them, please note that our molds are matte inside. So if you want to have your items shiny, you should coat them with resin or warnish. This video from our customer will definitely help you: