Silicone molds are excellent for making soaps, candles and gypsum and resin products. If you do not know how to make a soap of unusual shape or how to make a candle that will surprise your friends - try using silicone molds.

The work with silicone molds is always pleasant and easy.


We have been making silicone moulds from 2012, and we know very well what is a perfect silicone mold made of perfect silicone:)

All our molds are handmade from durable and flexible silicone rubber, we make them via vacuum — our molds do not have bubbles. 

They have perfect relief and you will get really highly detalized and beautiful product.

Our silicone molds are made of high quality silicone, you can use them for years!


We love our business and every mold is made with all our attention, well packed and sent to you, our dear customer!:)


Welcome in the world of silicone molds!

New fragrance OIL

Bay Rum 30 ml
White Tea 30 ml
Wedding Day 30 ml
Sweet Grass 30 ml

New silicone molds

NEW curvy female torso 3D
Goat skull 3D

Goat skull 3D


Big Pregnant Female torso 3D
Plus size Woman torso 3D

Recent Product Reviews

Woman torso

Woman torso

Fantastic quality - the silicone is strong and durable and the detail on the finished candles is just unmatched, I have bought two of these, plus a ma ...

Iris 27/09/2020

Egyptian cat Bastet 3D

Egyptian cat Bastet 3D

Bardzo trudno wyciąga się świeczkę z formy, łamią sie dolne elementy, nawet przy bardzo powolnym wyciąganiu. Na 10 prób wyszły 4 gotowe świece, za k ...

Agnieszka 24/09/2020

Candle mold "Birth of the baby"

Candle mold "Birth of the baby"

Well detailed, good material. I am really satisfied with this article. The parcel was well closed, and arrived with post in about a week in Italy. I a ...

Alessio 04/11/2019

Baby Bee Buttermilk Type

Baby Bee Buttermilk Type

Rzeczywiście nie przyśpiesza. CP zachowywał się grzecznie. Sam zapach kojarzy mi się z białymi landrynkami, pyłkiem kwiatowym. Przetestowałam z ciekaw ...

Katarzyna 19/07/2019

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