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Manuart Stsiapan Presniakou

ul. Lipowa 16 a
05-123 Dąbrowa Chotomowska

ul. Sienkiewicza 21B
05-120 Legionowo

numer NIP: 5361929493

numer REGON: 526437066

+48 733 290 892

Many years ago when we've just become parents we faced some financial difficulties. That was Christmas season and we were desperately looking for inexpensive presents for our friends and family members. Suddenly we've found handmade soap and bought with our last money. It's design, scent and color inspired us so much that we decided to make the soap by ourselves. It turned out absolutely beautiful and we have started a small soap making business.

We were constantly looking for new interesting designs for our soaps. The we started to come up with our own creative ideas and realised that market cannot offer anything close to what we've had in mind. This is how we began to make our own silicone molds. It wasn't easy in the beginning. We've spent plenty of time looking for a perfect silicone rubber that could meet our requirements in terms of strength, flexibility, absence of odor. Finally we have found perfect material and started to grow bigger. Right after the soap making we came to making handcrafted candles.

We are still a small family owned company. With your trust and support we've managed to become one of Etsy's top sellers of silicone molds ever. We are huge perfectionists. Our silicone molds convey every little detail of the figurine to guarantee that the candles or soaps you make will look absolutely amazing. Our current product line has almost 400 different designs and we add new ones almost every couple of days.

Our production studio is based in Poland (EU). We do ship worldwide. 

Sincerely, Stepan, Olga and Gleb