About Us

Welcome, dear friends!

Our story begins with the fact that a few years ago we purchased a handmade soap as a gift to our family for the new year.

It is so we liked its flavor properties, bright colors that I wanted to cook the soap itself.

So we came to soapmaking.

Once we wanted new forms, new and interesting designs for soap, and the market could not offer us what we want.

So we began to form.

We've been through trial and error, looking for the best silicone, which would suit us strength, flexibility, by the absence of odor (yes! many silicones have a pungent unpleasant odor, which disappears from the long form, and some forms of silicones torn), and here we found our perfect silicone, and now use.

Also, we knew that we wanted to make an ideal form, because it is an amazing relief makes silicone molds so attractive - they convey the slightest details of the picture.

So we purchased the vacuum equipment, and each mold is done under vacuum, so as not to get any of the bubble inside the mold, and the terrain was transferred perfectly.

We are trying to expand our range, please you, our dear customers, new products, so that you do not run out inspiration!

Most recently, the numerous requests we started to make out shapes are also food-grade silicone to please not only soap-boiler and svechedelov and Confectioners and tortodelov.

We tried to make our website as convenient as possible for you, dear visitors and shoppers.

We also have a very good system of bonus points - for your next purchase you can use them as a discount or to save up for the free form, and it is appreciated by our buyers :)

Periodically we hold contests and promotions, try not to miss them because this is very attractive :)

Always open for suggestions and comments.

Wishing you a good day and tvorchestkogo inspiration, team manuart.net