Food grade silicone rubber YJS-715 (2kg)

  • Food grade silicone rubber YJS-715 (2kg)
Characteristics of liquid silicone rubber
Hardness (Shore A) 15±2
Mix Ratio 1:1
Color translucent
Pot life (25 °C (77F)) 30-40 mins
Curing time (25 °C (77F)) 3-4 hours
Mixed viscosity (mPa.s) 2000±300
Tear-strength (kg/cm) ≥20
Tensile-strength ( ≥4.0
Elongation (%) ≥700
Shrinkage ≤0.1%
Component A weight 1 kg (≈2,2 lb)
Component B weight 1 kg (≈2,2 lb)

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