Silicone mold - Woman torso - for making soaps, candles and figurines

Ready product
The weight of the finished product 85 gram (3 oz)
Height: 100 millimeters (4 inch)
Length: 50 millimeters (2 inch)
Width: 45 millimeters (1,8 inch)
Material Silicone
Thermal stability: -50 - +250°C
Presence of sections 1 cut
Storage and care.
Storage and use storage and care of silicone molds

Alanna 20/04/2021

I love this mold! It is excellent quality and very easy to use. I have used this mold for resin and soy wax - both results were close to perfect! The design is amazing. Her shape is very proportionate and beautiful. They cut the side of the mold in a jagged way, so you can easily take your finished product out. If you line the sides up correctly (it should take about 10 seconds) the seam is not visible and the finish is completely smooth and shiny. The mold is durable, flexible, and not easily broken. Shipping was quick and the mold arrived safely in secure packaging. I have purchased 6 more molds in various shapes since I loved this one so much. Every person that has seen my products instantly fell in love with them. I can’t wait to get more! Manuart has amazing customer service. I reached out to the company with a question and they responded to me right away. Overall 10/10 product and service. Don’t buy your molds anywhere else! I promise you will be satisfied! Order one!

Dovile 08/04/2021

Great quality and beautiful candles! I have bought a mold before, but I really love the new molds design it is very easy and fast to work with. Very professional and all the details are thought of well. It takes up much less space and is beautifully watermarked.
Also, very fast order delivery. I will return for more definately.
Great work! Keep it up! Many thanks! Best regards!

Alexandros 03/01/2021

Ordered Just for candles i havent use it for Soap at the moment!
Great Silicone product once again!
Didnt find any disadvantage on that product!
Very fast delivery service with tracking code!
Very easy to use even for kids who want to be creative!
Definately recomended for beautiful body candles!
Thanks once again!

Iris 27/09/2020

Fantastic quality - the silicone is strong and durable and the detail on the finished candles is just unmatched, I have bought two of these, plus a male and a pregnant mould too. They are so good and well made that I keep coming back for more! Highly recommended.

Zekiri 25/06/2019

I ordered this mold to make candles. I am really satisfied because I find this beautiful and very feminine mold. the delivery was very fast, the customer service is impecable. I intend to order again and not once! I highly recommend. I thank you enormously for your proffessionalism.
I ordered this mold from France and I received it in just 5 days

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All molds are made to order, the production time is usually 3-14 days. But in the case of the queue for the manufacture of this mold, the production time may be increased. Always I do everything to mold was made in the shortest possible time.

I am not a robot, I can get sick, or I may have urgent business. But in any case, your molds will be made and sent.

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