Silicone mold - Big 20cm/8'' Curvy Woman torso #9 3D - for making soaps, candles and figurines

Ready product
The weight of the finished product 680 gram (24 oz)
Height: 200 millimeters (7,9 inch)
Length: 100 millimeters (4 inch)
Width: 100 millimeters (4 inch)
Material Silicone
Thermal stability: -50 - +250°C
Presence of sections 1 cut
Storage and care.
Storage and use storage and care of silicone molds
Cindy 30/06/2023

Purchased for candle making. And I absolutely love the size and shape of this design. Materials used is excellent so super long life span and easy to clean and maintain. Would love to have a better deal if purchasing multiple as it is expensive but totally worth it at the same time. Will have to save up to buy more so I can make multiples at the same time as doing 1 at a time is too time consuming. It is a little bit tricky to take the top half of the mould out as it can crack where the arm is but if u do it slowly and take your time it's not an issue.

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  • 130.00€


All molds are made to order, the production time is usually 3-14 days. But in the case of the queue for the manufacture of this mold, the production time may be increased. Always I do everything to mold was made in the shortest possible time.

I am not a robot, I can get sick, or I may have urgent business. But in any case, your molds will be made and sent.

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